The increasing burden on our environment, and the related climate change, are major challenges for both man and nature. In order to avert further catastrophic consequences of this trend, we have no choice but to respond to this change immediately and with purpose. Serious consequences can be averted only with massive commitment as well as new, innovative environmental technologies which have proven their worth over many years.

CleanTech has now come of age, as many application domains develop into a global mass market. To the same extent, the significance of environmental technology as a field for investors is also on the increase. The necessity of limiting the global CO2 output leads to the development of environmental standards introduced by politicians and government subsidies which have made clean technologies and their applications not a passing phenomenon but a long-lasting megatrend.

This megatrend offers interesting options to both companies and investors. Apart from the potential for return, in the case of CleanTech investment, which is one of the most ethical kinds of investment, the concept of sustainability in the form of ecological returns also applies. Investments in the CleanTech domain are no longer reserved for professional investors. Depending on the investment objective, financial strength and level of risk, potential investors can participate in the dynamic of this growth market along the entire value chain.

As a friendly shareholder and minority shareholder, Layton SA is involved with / committed to high growth companies in the renewable energy and environmental / climate protection domains, with the aim of achieving long-term business successes. It makes direct investments in technology companies and thereby offers their shareholders the option of participating in successful companies via the Layton SA share – companies which form the backbone of our economy and which often occupy a prominent position in their market.


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