About Us

Layton SA was founded in 2008 in Luxembourg, as an independent investment company. In the year that it was established, the company acquired the rights to the Schaub Lorenz brand, a German pioneer of consumer electronics. In the year 2012, the trademark was sold and the business strategy was redefined. With this, a decision was made to align the focus of future investments in innovative start-ups with cutting-edge technologies as well as established medium-size companies in the CleanTech domain, an industry branch with which a strongly growing market volume is forecast worldwide. Good political framework conditions, and the great innovation capacity of European companies, provide ideal conditions and opportunities in this business segment.

But it’s not just environmental technologies; we find good investment opportunities in solid and profitable companies. Layton's competence is one of recognising potential and promoting it, with the aim of benefiting from the development of these companies. With this, long-term appreciation of investments is an essential feature of our strategy.

We want to offer companies that meet our investment criteria the chance to open new development areas through the provision of capital and competence without interfering in their daily operations. If we increase the value of our investments, our shareholders and investors benefit from it. We want to offer you a reasonable return.

Accompany us on an exciting journey to new investment sectors – our experts combine knowledge and entrepreneurship in first-class and profitable portfolios.



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